A Beginners Guide to Facebook and Instagram for Beauty Businesses

U-Beautify | taught by Jamie-lee Reed
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Jamie-lee Reed
Jamie-lee Reed

About the instructor

Hi Beauties! I'm Jamie-lee, the face *ahem* and brains, behind the course!

I've been woking in Marketing and Social Media for 4 years now and can't imagine doing anything else. I love working with new people and giving them the information and knowledge they need to help achieve their social media goals. Most recently my work efforts have focussed around helping small businesses realise their potential on social media, and that's exactly why this course came about.

I believe that beauty businesses can achieve great success on social media because your work is so visual. All you need is the right social media accounts and A* effort!

Let's get cracking and win at social together!

Learn how to get more customers and market your beauty business effectively on Facebook and Instagram

Course Contents

1 Video
14 Texts
4 PDFs